Glomdalsmuseet - Elverum

Glomdalsmuseet is a large open-air folk museum with almost 100 historic buildings, beautifully located by the Glomma River, right near the city center of Elverum.

Glomdalsmuseet is one of the country's largest open-air museums, in beautiful surroundings by the Glomma River, close to Elverum city center. In the open-air museum there are almost 100 historic buildings where one can experience how people in the region of Østerdalen and Solør have lived and worked for four centuries.

In summer, traditional Norwegian domestic animals can be met, such as sheep, cows, goats, rabbits, ducks and geese. The permanent exhibitions show that Norway has been a multicultural country for several hundred years. In Steinbygningen (The Stone building), the medical history exhibitions "Gammeldoktoren" (The Old Doctor) and "Apoteket" (The Pharmacy) are shown. The museum is known for annual family events such as Liv i stuene (Life in the cottages), Dyras Dag (Animal Day), Seterdagen (Mountain barn day) and Julestue (Christmas Cottage).

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