Hallingkastet Climbing Playground

This has never been seen before in Norway: We’ve created an entire playground up on a wall (of the Hurramegrundt! Playland)! Climb, crawl, run, tail and climb from platform to platform, up to the top level, which is 11 meters above the ground! Downwards you can take the easy way of what we believe to be the country's tallest spiraling slides!

Climb staggering heights with a climbing net or get down using the shortcut: Norway’s longest spiral slide! Thrilling excitement and butterflies in your stomach - but everything is safe; Hallingkastet is designed in way so that the player can never fall more than 1.5 meters. Moreover, a great variety of play equipment and a giant jumping pillow is on ground level.

Hallingkastet has the same opening hours as Hurramegrundt! Indoor Play Centre.