Lilleputthammer Miniature City

Lilleputthammer in Hafjell is the only family park in Norway specially designed for children up to 9 years: The "small town with the big heart" is a miniature version of Storgata in Lillehammer in the 1930s, built on a scale of 1: 4, where children can ride trains , great-grandfather cars, boats, nostalgia carousel, Ferris wheel, roller coaster or frolic in climbing towers and whiz down the zip-lines and frog jumps in Ola's Climbing park,with obstacle courses and trampolines.

Inside the houses, children can draw, build, play or go to the cinema. In Barnas Bokby (Childrens Book Town) books are read aloud (probably only in Norwegian though). In July theatres and shows are performed several times a day in the miniature town. Around the park there are many seating areas, sandboxes, seesaws, trampolines, obstacle courses, bouncy castles,etc. There are changing rooms in all toilets and separate breastfeeding rooms in Cafe Central and The Miniputt House. Lilleputthammer in Hafjell is a well-known and beloved stop for families with children in the summer, about 40 minutes north of Mjøsa Feriepark.

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