Bobiler på plasser svært nær vannet

Camping with sea view

Camping is being close to nature - and this is especially true of Havblikk, which is camping on the shore of Nesna, with spectacular views of the sea and the mountains. The camping pitches are nicely located on grass and gravel - and you can choose whether you want to live centrally on the campsite or on the outskirts. Havblikk even offers pitches so close to the shore that they are almost in the water. All our guests have free access to sanitary facilities and communal kitchens and there is an emptying station in the facilities.

Ende av campingvogn helt nær sjøen

Caravan Pitch

We have many good places for short-term stays with caravan. The caravan pitches are on the lawn and have power connection (electricity is included in the price), access to good sanitary facilities (Showers are also included in the price), communal kitchen and wifi throughout the site. Please note that wifi are provided by third parties. Availability and quality can not always be guaranteed.

Bobil parkert på grusplass med strømstolpe og gress foran og rundt, med havet i bakgrunnen

Motorhome pitches

Havblikk offers good motorhome pitches with wonderful views and power connection (electricity is included). The pitche for the car itself is often on solid gravel, while the surroundings and living area on grass. Some of the pitches are entirely on grass. Rent includes access to sanitary facilities with free showers and communal kitchens. 

Lysegrønt telt på gresslette rett ved havet og fjell i bakgrunnen

Tent pitches

Our tent pitches are mainly located on the Sjåberget Hill area , where there are unique views of the sea, the islands and the marina. The area is protected from motor traffic and noise, and cars must be parked outside the area, hence guaranteeing quiet and peaceful and not least car-free child-friendly surroundings. The tent pitches do unfortunately not have power connection. For those who want proximity to sanitary facilities and kitchens, there are also some tent pitchess in the middle of the square by the Service Building.

Gruppe sitter ved bålpanne og hygger seg med campingkjøretøy bak