Winter park for children

Our winter park is ideal for lots of fun playing in the snow! The ice rink, toboggan run and cross country trails are in place. Everything safe and sound inside the park itself and close to cabins, motor homes and restaurant. NEW: Ski play area at the outdoor scene. With good help from the cross-country group, a small skiing area has been built! You will find the ball trail, slopes, jumps and fun for the little ones.

With good help from the local cross-country group, a great skiing area is being built away at the outdoor scene! We have run in lots of snow to make a ball trail, organ tramp, jumps and lots of fun for the little ones. The area can be illuminated so you'll be able to play after dark. Look for signs for the light connection.

We also put out benches and a fireplace so you can bring cocoa and sausages and enjoy the winter day! Toilets can be used at the entrance to the play area.

Skating rink
Ice skating is a fun activity for both children and adults. Our ice skating rink is very popular - the kids enjoy themselves for hours. We have rigs with benches and a pan that are free to use if you want to cook cocoa or coffee or grill sausages. We have some skates for rent from size. 28 - 45 at the reception and we have support for the very small ones who will try for the first time on the ice.

Toboggan run
At the back of our activity house you can take the stairs to the top, and slide down again on your butt or on a toboggan. Always fun for the kids! We have a few slides for rent at the reception. If you want to make a little more out of the ridge, Skarslia Ski and Akesenter is approx. a 20 minutes drive away. Here you will find two of Norway's longest toboggan runs of 1.3 km and 1.6 km of sledge for the ascent. You can run a toboggan run or rent custom made single and double sledges. Extreme fun for kids and adults alike!

We have approx. 2 km of groomed cross-country trails inside our park itself. Among other things, it runs along the river and winds safely in our area. About half of this is lighted and can be used in the evening.
There is also a cross-country trail along the Strandafjorden all the way to Kleivi. About. 20 km round trip.

For those who want to hike up the slope to the mountains, the Hallingsprettloop ends down below with us. This allows you to enjoy skiing at the cabin and have access to 2000 km of groomed cross-country trails throughout Hallingdal. You can go all the way to Kikut on Geilo and up on Hardangervidda, or south to Norefjell.