Klatrepark Hallingdal Feriepark

5 reasons to visit Topcamp Hallingdal now

With a large and varied selection of experiences and activities, Topcamp Hallingdal is a destination you can enjoy all year round.

Just west of Ål center you will find Topcamp Hallingdal. By the river and with a view of both forest and mountains. Topcamp Hallingdal is well worth a trip all year round, but you wouldn't want to miss when the mountains are still covered with snow, while the grass is getting greener. There are many activities to enjoy in Topcamp Hallingdal holiday park. Here you are served five good reasons why you should make the trip there now:

Activities for all ages

Both the holiday park and the surrounding area offer activities for the whole family or friend group. The bicycle park is open and free of snow, the climbing park with zip-lines is open from May 13th and is an exciting activity for all ages, and adventure mini-golf is a fun activity for the family to do together. In Topcamp Hallingdal, the children can play in the largest indoor playground between Oslo and Bergen. This will also open on May 13th.

Eventyrgolf Hallingdal Feriepark


Centrally located with a short distance to good experiences

Ål is located in the middle of Hallingdal, with a short distance to several fantastic experiences. Langedrag nature park is open and is only an hour's drive away, Bjørneparken in Flå is open, and how about testing your climbing skills in Via Ferrata Hemsedal? Or maybe rafting in Numedalslågen is something for you? Tropicana Water Park in Gol is just a 20-minute drive away.

You can of course also visit Hallingskarvet National Park or Hardangervidda National Park. If you bother to drive a little further, you can make a fantastic day trip to spectacular destinations such as Stegastein, Aurlandsdalen, and Flåm, or to Vøringsfossen.

Bergtatt Bistro

The bistro in the holiday park serves the most delicious treats. With a brand new menu from May 13th, you can enjoy delicious dishes, made by the eminent chef Allan and his staff.

fiske Hallingdal feriepark


Outdoor life

If it was not enough that the mountain air in Hallingdal gives peace of mind, you can take your body and mind on a trip in beautiful nature. On the high mountains and plateau, there are still some skiing opportunities, or you can walk on some of the hiking trails in the area. Throughout June, you can go on several of the great mountain hikes without thinking about snow. Meanwhile, you can walk along the river, or up to Heimsjå - a nice lean-to with sweeping great views.

Ål and Hallingdal also offer many nice bike routes and trails. Bicycle maps are available at reception. Otherwise, there are good fishing opportunities in many lakes and rivers, in fact, the river right by the holiday park is great for fishing. And if you are really bold, you can of course take a dip in the Strandfjord!

5 stars

Topcamp Hallingdal is a 5-star holiday park, it is a guarantee of qualities. You can stay in a caravan, motorhome, tent, or one of our first-class cabins. Early summer can be extra nice, often quieter than in high season, with slightly fewer guests and greater spaciousness in the activities. When the evenings and nights are still cool, there is often plenty of space in the beautiful sanitary facility and in the bistro.

Unsure when to visit? Read about several reasons as to why you should go camping outside of joint holiday seasons! or read more about Topcamp Hallingdal.