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5 reasons to visit Topcamp Onsakervika now

Only 45 minutes from Oslo you will find Topcamp Onsakervika, with the finest beach in Eastern Norway and a large selection of activities for all ages.

The campsite is located by the most beautiful bay by Tyrifjorden, and offers everything from great bathing spots, to exciting attractions and fantastic viewpoints close by. At Topcamp Onsakervika you can rent a cabin or bring your caravan, motorhome, or tent

No matter how you want to travel, here are five reasons why Topcamp Onsakervika should be on your itinerary now:

Jevnaker - nr 21 på New York Times liste over verdens beste  reisemål

Great attractions

Hadeland Glassverk has reopened after closing due to corona, and now you can visit the galleries, the museum, shops, and eateries. You can also travel to Kistefos museum, which offers a gallery, fantastic architecture and a sculpture park. The building "The Twist" is already popular, and was actually the reason why The New York Times gave Jevnaker the 21st place on its top list of all the world's places to visit in 2020. The number of visitors is unlikely to fall through the high season this summer, so why not visit before it gets too crowded? 

News on campsite

From mid-May, both a new playground and a new outdoor terrace will be available at Onsakervika. Be one of the first to test it out! In addition, you can play volleyball and visit the beach café.

vannsklie Onsakervika camping

Get the beach all to yourself

Both May and June offer hot summer days in Norway - yes, often warm enough for some fun at the beach, and good temperatures for swimming! Good beaches are popular - and before the joint holiday you get better space to frolic, sunbathe and play on the beach.

Mørkgonga er et turmål med helt grei utsikt

Views and great sunsets

There are many nice hikes in the area, but if you are looking for a really good view, take the trip to the King's view or Mørkgonga, both of which are only a half-hour drive from the campsite. The advantage of going for hikes in early summer is that the sun goes down a little earlier and up a little later, so it's easier to make sure you catch the sunset or sunrise!  

Activities in Hønefoss city center 

Hønefoss is just a short trip from the campsite, and here you will find lots to do. On the 12th of May, the retail trade is open in the evening and on the 29th of May, there is a second-hand market. While on the 17-20th of June there will be a Street Food festival with more than 15 food trucks at Søndre Torg. In addition, you can go pole hunting in Hønefoss and Hole, or take a trip to the Prison Foundation and look at the painting and photo exhibitions.

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