Far og to døtre bakfra løper ut i vannet

A 800-meters beach in Norway

Sjøsanden is an approximately 800-meters long sand beach with very fine-grained sand. This is one of the most tropical parts of Norway, and you do not get much further south either. You will hardly find a list of Norway's best beaches that has not included Sjøsanden! The beach is long and there is plenty of space, so even on the hottest days of summer, there will usually always be plenty of space. At Topcamp Sjøsanden you can stay in a tent, caravan, or motorhome with immediate proximity to the beach. A morning bath is highly recommended!

Camping med 800 meter finkornet sandstrand med badegjester på Sjøsanden
Far og jente med digert badedyr i vannkanten på sandstrand
Badestrand med gul, finkornet sand og spredte badegjester


Approximately in the middle of Sjøsanden beach, a white lighthouse stands as a landmark. In everyday speech, it is just called "Grandma"!