Adventure Golf

Our fun 12 hole Adventure Golf is a great activity for the whole family - the first "adventure golf" in Norway! Try one of the country's most spectacular mini golf courses. Through the cow, the stilt hut, the Ål Station, the tractor or the waterhole - golf course is an equally fun leisure activity for both small and older. Competitive instinct on top? Then challenge your colleagues, the group of friends or the whole family.

Course golf with extraordinary decorations and elements from local history. A fun activity for children and adults! The decorations and themes of the adventure golf are gathered from local history and lore in Hallingdal. The local power plant tradition in Ål in form of energy production has been inspiration for a large part.
The Adventure Golf is basically open all the periods of year except when the course is covered in snow.

The mini golf course is an extra visual addition to the park. Here you will find courses such as Ål station, the stilt hut, the cow, the tractor, the outdoor deck and many more - not to mention the raft over the creek. Equally great for kids and adults!

This is an exciting summer activity for the family at camping. The adventure miniature golf is located in the forest by the climbing park in the area of ​​the holiday park. Adventure golf should also be an interesting activity for kickoff, team building and other joint activities for businesses and groups.