Opening hours and contact information

Opening hours at the reception

The reception is currently open Monday - Friday 09:00 to 17:00.
(Opening hours vary slightly with the season, but you can find updated information here)Check-in outside of the reception opening hours must be arranged in advance at email or telephone +47 22510800 

You can drive to the pitches from 06.00-24.00. Outside this period, you cannot drive in the area, but there is parking outside the barrier for late check-in or early departure.


Contact us

Hello - feel free to contact us for inquiries, questions and help. But if the request is regarding just a simple order, we recommend you to do it via our  online booking system at this very website in order to save some administration fees


Topcamp Bogstad

Ankerveien 117

0766 Oslo

Telefon +47 22 51 08 00