Topcamp's terms of reservation

Topcamp AS is responsible for the rental

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Please notice that Topcamp Hallingdal AS (999025935), Topcamp Bogstad AS (993466344), Topcamp Mjøsa AS (917962928), Topcamp Sjøsanden AS (924427973), Topcamp Onsakervika AS (923557741), Topcamp Mosjøen AS (963671539), Topcamp Rustberg AS (927718472) is part of the same group.

To stay at our destinations, you as a guest must be 18 years of age or older if you do not live with your parents. Accommodation booked is intended for leisure or business travelers. Permanent stay at our destinations is not allowed. We reserve the right to reject you from your destination if the above requirements are not met. Then you lose the right to a refund.

When is the reservation binding?
A binding agreement is entered into directly at your booking, regardless of in which channel the booking is made.
Booking fee: No booking fee is paid when booking online at our website with associated pages. When booking in advance via e-mail, telephone or at the reception, a booking fee of NOK 100 is paid unless otherwise agreed.

Check-in / check-out:
Cabins (and apartments) are available from 15:00 o'clock on the day of arrival until11:00 departure day. Cleaning on departure, bed linen and towels are included in the rental price.
Camping pitch is available from 13:00 the day of arrival until 12:00 departure day.

What if I want to change or cancel?

If you have chosen the FLEX price alternative when ordering, you have the opportunity to change your booking until 15:00 the day before arrival. You also have the right to cancel your booking until 15.00 the day before arrival and get a refund of the entire booking amount with a deduction for administration fee of NOK. 100, as well as any cost for booking fee. A confirmation that your reservation has been changed or canceled will be sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of booking. 

Cancellation must be made by e-mail directly to the place, then we will send you a cancellation confirmation.

If you have chosen the price option BEST when ordering, you have no option to change the order afterwards. If BEST is canceled, no refund will be given. In case of cancellation before full payment is received by us, you are obliged to pay the remaining amount to us according to your confirmation.

Pay by
Card (VISA / Mastercard):
You can pay the full amount directly when ordering or choose to divide the payment by a minimum of NOK 100 per month. If you share the payment, accrued interest is paid from Nets, see current terms at
You can choose invoice as payment method when booking. Invoicing and follow-up of these takes place entirely via our partner AfterPay. Terms for this service can be found here:

What happens if I do not pay?
If you do not pay your reservation on time, a reminder will be sent to your provided email address. If full payment is not received by us no later than the due date specified on the reminder, your order is canceled. 

What if I want to cancel my rental?
If the rental period has started and you for some reason have to cancel it, the rent will not be refunded.

What rights do I have?
If we do not make the cabin / camping site available in the promised condition and at the same time cannot offer it a good alternative, you have the right to terminate the lease. In such cases, the entire rental cost is reimbursed. You can alternatively claim compensation in the rental price. If you discover faults or deficiencies in the rental object, these must be brought to our attention as soon as possible. Errors that are discovered must be informed to us immediately so that we have an opportunity to correct them.

What are my obligations?
You are responsible for the cabin / camping site during your visit. You must treat the rental object in a considerate manner, as well as follow the place's rules of order and instructions. You are responsible for any damage to the cabin / camping site. You must not let more people than what is stated in the reservation stay in the cabin / camping site. You are responsible for keys and access cards being delivered on departure, otherwise we will charge you for any change of lock. If the cabin is not left in a tidy condition, we will charge you for extra cleaning.

Can the agreement expire?
The agreement terminates immediately if:
you or someone in your company acts disruptively
you or someone in your company commits vandalism.
the cabin / camping site is not used for its intended purpose
If the agreement expires due to above, you and your company must leave the cabin / camping site and you are then not entitled to compensation.

What happens if we do not agree?
Contact us with any complaints or ambiguities. Keep in mind that your right will be reduced if you wait to contact us. If we do not agree, you can contact the Conflict Council or the Conciliation Council in the municipality and possibly the Consumer Council.

Force majeure
Neither you nor Topcamp is responsible for any deficiencies in the fulfillment of the agreement if it is due to any of the exceptional reasons stated below. The grounds for exemption under this section apply to war, natural disasters, floods, conflicts of interest in the labor market, long-term interruptions in water or energy supply, fire or other similar major events, which neither you nor we have been able to anticipate or influence.

Storage of personal information
In connection with booking, you approve our privacy policy. Read more about it on our website: