Topcamp Ekeberg, camping i Oslo

Things to do at Topcamp Ekeberg

Topcamp Ekeberg is a summer campsite with panoramic views of Oslo. You see Barcode, the Opera, the Castle, and all the way to Holmenkollen! Only 12 minutes on the tram, and you are in the middle of the city center. Topcamp Ekeberg is the perfect base for Oslo experiences, where there are a bunch of things to see and do, where the restaurants are in a row, and where even the outdoor areas are many and beautiful.

But you do not have to go down to the center of Oslo for a nice stay at Topcamp Ekeberg. The area around the campsite is green, idyllic and close to nature, as well as full of fun activities for the whole family.

Topcamp Ekeberg, camping I Oslo

Activities the kids love

Just a five-minute walk from the campsite is the EKT equestrian center and pet park, where children and adults can greet the animals or take a short horseback riding tour. There are cows, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, geese, chickens, peacocks, and various types of butterflies. There is a round pony ride for children between 1-10 years, and it is also possible to take a ride with a horse and cart. For those who want to ride larger horses, there are several options at the equestrian center. There is also a tractor track for the youngest children! After you have finished greeting all the animals, the café is open, with homemade pastries, soups, baguettes, sausages, coffee, ice cream, soft drinks, and more.

Lekeplass Topcamp Ekeberg

Close to EKT equestrian center and pet park is also the café Søylehuset. Here they serve burgers, pizza, baked goods, snacks, and drinks. When the stomach is full, it is a short way to Ekeberg playground and the splash pond. Or Ekeberg mini-golf park, which is located right behind the café. If you prefer frisbee golf over mini-golf, you will also find that nearby, just a short walk away - close to Ekeberg school.

Minigolf Ekeberg

A refill of culture

The Ekeberg Landhandleri restaurant can be found on the campsite. Here you can order freshly baked goods for breakfast, freshly brewed coffee, lunch, dinner, and supper. They also have a liquor license, which makes it possible to enjoy a cold beer in the sun.

As close you can possibly get to the campsite, is Ekebergparken, with the well-known Sculpture Park. It is just as perfect to go on a cultural walk among the sculptures as to play with the children. You will find a climbing park in Ekebergparken. When hungry you can enjoy a really nice meal at Ekebergrestauranten, which has an absolutely fantastic view of the city. Another alternative is Karlsborg Spiseforretning, which has almost as good a view.

Klatrepark Ekeberg, camping i Oslo

If you want more cultural replenishment, you should take the trip to the view in Valhallveien just below Topcamp Ekeberg. This is where Munch captured the motif of the world-famous painting "Scream". He did not paint here, but you can clearly see the motif. If you are interested in history, you will probably also find the joy of seeing the petroglyphs on Ekeberg. In Ekebergskråningen southeast of Sjømannsskolen, a petroglyph field was discovered in 1915, which turned out to be five to six thousand year old Stone Age carvings.

If this is not enough, as mentioned, Oslo city center offers a wide range of sights, history, city life, architecture, art, entertainment, shopping, restaurants and a bustling cultural, café and nightlife much of the day, with the fjord and countryside just around the corner. All a short trip from Topcamp Ekeberg. Welcome to us!