Fishing in Hallingdalselva

If you're renting a cabin, you can almost sit on the terrace and fish in the river! The Hallingdals River extends throughout the valley and is full of trout, an educational activity for young and old alike. You can buy fishing licenses at the reception.

If you are interested in angling or doing a bit more out of the fishing trip, we recommend that you consult rivers and mountain lakes where there are perch and trout fishing or fly fishing. Ice fishing is also an opportunity in winter time. You can only fish for char in Ål. If, on the other hand, you want to do eel fishing, you must ironically leave Eel (Ål) and travel to the sea. There is plenty of information at the reception about what types of fish you can get in the region. Remember that fishing requires a fishing license which can be purchased at the reception or by SMS.