sykkel Hallingdal topcamp
to gutter står på steiner og fisker i elven
Sykler i høyt gress foran havet med vidsurfende jente
strand Sjøsanden feriepark

Happy experiences

Topcamp believes that most camping guests want more experiences than just staying at a campsite. Therefore, guests at Topcamps pitches will always have a wide range of activities, attractions, and experiences, either at the campsite itself - or in relative proximity. Hiking, cycling, swimming, fishing, skiing, sights, culture, entertainment ... At Topcamp there will be happy opportunities for all ages and most interests.


Camping trip or city break? Why not a camping trip AND a city break!

At Topcamp Bogstad Camping in Oslo you can enjoy camping life, but also experience all the big city's benefits and experiences!

Collage av typiske oslo-elementer: tigeren, Sinnataggen, operaen, slottet, Aker Brygge, mm
Furulunden Sjøsanden feriepark

Unique Furulunden by Sjøsanden

The nature park at Topcamps holiday park has been named Norway's finest outdoor area, with its beautiful paths, walkways, and seven(!) beaches.

volleyball Furulund Sjøsanden
TRÅLL forestilling på Hallingdal Feriepark

Do not miss out on TRÅLL!

Luckily, the Halling trolls are not the scary and dangerous kinds of trolls that smell of Christian blood and eat hikers - no, they are kind, friendly beings with a sense for art, beautiful things, music, good food, and fun. Join us for the performance in Topcamp Hallingdal Holiday Park this summer.

syklister hopper og pumper i sykkelpark-løype

Not a bike-boring moment in Hallingdal Bike Park!

Hallingdal Bike Park is a practice track suited for both beginners and the experienced. Here are challenges adapted for all levels: Pump track, jumps, and lines of your own choice. The bicycle park is open to everyone without entrance fees, but bicycles must of course be brought (or rented). N.B. Remember to use a helmet!

Jenter leker med volleyball i vannkanten på flott sandstrand

Tropical, beachy Norway!

Sjøsanden is an 800 meter long fine-grained sandy beach in Mandal. It is one of the country's most beautiful beaches. Furulunden, which has been officially named Norway's most beautiful outdoor area - offers no less than 7 fabulous sandy beaches within walking distance, so you can move from one beach to the other if the wind direction changes. Too far to Mandal? The sandy beach at Topcamp Onsakervika is not a bad alternative either!

Many happy experiences!

There are many things to see and many things to do. Maybe too many to even get an overview? The experiences can be sorted by choosing types and place under the green buttons