Hallingdal Bike Park

Hallingdal Bicycle Park is one of our most popular activities. An arena used by both young children on the balance bike for older children and experienced adults. It is built to suit all ages and levels, with pump tracks, jumps, dosages and lines of your choice. You can use a regular bike or rent one of our dirtbikes. Quiet awesome for the audience to watch. Last but not least; it is for free and always open!

The bicycle park is a varied bicycle area for the whole family. Everyone will find suitable challenges whether you have support wheels or have been riding your bicycle for many years. The park is a great arena with play in focus and practice of basic skills on ordinary mountain bikes or dirt bikes. The park is for the eager teenager, dad who rides the birch, mom who rides to work and the little girl who has a bike without pedals.

The trail crew from Tråkk ́N ́Roll Hallingdal has developed this unique bike park which was completed in 2017, with both public support, several foundations and local business as supporters. The bike park is free to use for everyone and it is always open!

Ål in Hallingdal is also a well-known destination for trail cycling with its many cycling opportunities. Several trails end up down in our park. The bicycle park is a very popular addition to all cycling enthusiasts.