personer på bedriftstur i Hallingdal Feriepark hopper på likt

Kick-off, teambuilding, and other corporate events

Some kick-off events stand out with beautiful halls, conference rooms with Powerpoint, and soft chairs that you wake up in just in time to experience the tall sandwiches for lunch ... That's all well and good, but Topcamp Hallingdal is not like that. We could offer beautiful enough conference rooms - and make equally high sandwiches. But we offer events with experiences, with speed, oxygen, movement, wind in the hair, and EN-ER-GY far beyond the ordinary! We believe that people who have flown through the air together, climbed, swung on ropes, paddled, cycled, or ridden together, also work better together!


is when all ambitious employees can CLIMB TOGETHER!

Topcamp Hallingdal is open all year round, just as nice in summer as in winter. Here you can get challenges in the largest and most badass climbing park you will find north of Oslo: "Høyt og Lavt" in Topcamp Hallingdal contains more than 50 devices on poles and in trees, with trails adapted to different levels - something suitable for everyone - from extreme tough guys to more careful office workers. Right nearby is some of the country's most beautiful mountain terrain for hiking and the country's best trail selection for trail and mountain biking! Or why not share an ATV safari with a picnic in the mountains? Or a beach volleyball tournament?

We also collaborate with Høve Støtt and M-Event for more or less educational and entertaining events.

gjeng på jobbtur gjør seg klare til klatreparken
Stor bedriftsgruppe sitter i trapp mann står foran og instruerer og demonstrerer

After active physical sessions and experiences, issues and challenges can be discussed - and results achieved - in an informal, relaxed setting, both in smaller contexts in the cabins, in the conference hall - and of course in the lounge, bar and restaurant Bergtatt Bistro.

We dare to say that Topcamp Hallingdal must be among the country's greatest arenas for kick-offs, team building, Christmas parties, and other social events for the business. And it's not just something we say. Of course, we help to tailor your trip and arrange the entire session with you. Tell us what the goal of the trip is, and we can take care of the planning for you! We look forward to welcoming you enthusiastically and energetically!

Gruppearbeid i oppgaveløsning med hjelm
Konferansesal med projektor, lerret og mange stoler

First-class conference hall for up to 90 people with all technical equipment

New, flexible conference room / meeting room with comfortable space for up to 90 people! All technical equipment; projector / screen, dvd player, sound / light, and free wifi are in place in our new large living room - which can also be used for festivities if you want. Get more information or book our conference room on tel. 32 69 92 00!

Konferansesituasjon med fornøyde deltakere

Let the first-class restaurant, bar, and lounge top the event!

Bergtatt Bistro has become Hallingdal's new main lounge! People are willing to travel further than the food to eat lamb burgers or other short-distance specialties! Our eminent kitchen serves up one dish better than the other. We can also rig for lavvo or serve for example a lunch outdoors. 

Fristende lunsj-tapasbord i lavvoen
Dekket festbord i restaurant

Stay in cabins - social and perfect for group work!

Do you want to live in a hotel room of 10-12 square meters or in a design cabin of 65 square meters with 2-3 or bedrooms, standard as a first-class hotel room and in addition heating cables, fireplace, living room and kitchen with plenty of space and dining table? Perfect for group work!


Contact us on telephone: 32699200 or for a pleasant chat about how we can tailor and optimize an event for your business!

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