Helgelandstrappa fjelltur med fantstisk utsikt

Helgeland stairs and Øyfjellvarden

Stairway to Heaven

Helgeland stair is one of the world's longest stone stairs. 3000 stone steps have been carved out of rocks and used in mighty stair construction, built by Nepalese Sherpas. The stairs start right outside Mosjøen town center and rise just over 3 km up into the 818-meter high Øyfjellet.

There is free parking by the start of the stairs, but the stair is also within walking distance of Topcamp Mosjøen. It is a great activity, whether you want to go to the top of the mountain, or just go up a bit to see the great view. From the top there are absolutely phenomenal views over large parts of Helgeland, from the inland, along the coast and beyond. On good weather days, the summit is a natural selfie spot with razor-sharp mountain peaks and sea.

It is far from effortless to climb the 3000 steps, but the Helgeland stairs are easier than most summit hikes, as the fewest mountains have stairs all the way. With good shoes, a packed lunch and some water in the backpack, this is a fantastic hike for most people - and you can choose the pace yourself. The snow is normally melted also in the height in June.

The steps is made of natural stone and have been set up by experienced Sherpas from Nepal. There are plans for another 500 steps, but the Covid pandemic has prevented travel for the Sherpas. Helgeland stairs is group-financed, the steps are owned by both companies and private individuals - and has been popular to give as a gift in the local area.

Die Steintreppe windet sich die Schlucht hinauf in Øvfjell.
Fantastische Aussicht über Mosjøen Zentrum von der Treppe aus.
Fantastische Aussicht über Mosjøen Zentrum von der Treppe aus.
Helgelandstreppe-Steinstufen bergaufwärts zum Øvfjell
Øvfjellvarden 818 Meter über Meer

At the top of the Helgeland stairs, you can continue the hike without stairs to Øyfjellvarden which is at the very top of Øyfjellet, 818 meters above sea level.

Helgeland stairs is FREE for eveyone. But you have to live somewhere in the area. Book at Topcamp Mosjøen here: