Zipline Mosjøen, Helgelandstrappa, Topcamp Mosjøen

Fall at Topcamp Mosjøen

Mosjøen is located in Helgeland, and is actually exactly in the middle of Norway, between Lindesnes and Nordkapp. The town has a nice center with historic wooden houses, with mountains that rise majestically on the other side of the river. There are plenty of experiences to do in Mosjøen, also in the fall!

Øyfjellet (818 mas) is the mighty mountain that rises above Mosjøen center. The mountain is a popular hiking area but has several exciting activities. Øyfjell cave is one of them, a 500-meter long limestone cave. You can get a guided tour with Naturlige Helgeland, and can then borrow equipment such as overalls, gloves, helmets, and lanterns. There are a few crawling areas in the cave, so for people with claustrophobia, it can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are also other activities for both people with and without claustrophobia. Helgelandstrappen is one of them, a Sherpa staircase with around 3000 steps up the mountain. If you want a more challenging route to the top, you can try Via Ferrata, a climbing trail that takes around five hours from start to end. From Helgelandstrappen (which is also the way down Via Ferrata) is Northern Norway's longest zipline, at 700 meters. The zip-line goes from Øyfjellet, across the fjord and ends in the center, right by Sjøgata. You will get a stunning view on the way down.

Via Ferrata, Helgelandstrappa, Topcamp Mosjøen

If the weather is clear, the view from Øyfjellet is pretty impressive. Not only do you have great views over Vefsnfjorden and Mosjøen, but you can also see all the way to the mountain ridge The Seven Sisters, which are located just outside Sandnessjøen. It only takes an hour to drive there, if you want to climb one or more of the mountaintops. Another popular trip in the area is to the Rabot cabin by Okstindbreen. The trip over Høglivatnet is also a popular trip, which actually took place on the Norwegian TV show 71 Degrees North last year. Lomsdal-Visten National Park is also an area that should be explored, with its large variations in terrain and unique piece of Helgeland nature.

Fun on the water

Do you enjoy the water? Then maybe a boat ride is for you. Helgeland Opplevelser arranges a rib trip, starting from the quay at Hotellhagen in Mosjøen. The trip goes out to Breimstein Lighthouse, with several stops along the way. You get even more action if you want to drive a boat downhill - on rafting in Auservefsna, which is one of Norway's best rafting rivers.

You get a little calmer activity if you take the SUP board or the kayak on the river instead. You can rent both at Bua in Mosjøen, or join arranged trips, for example down Vefsna with River North.

Sjøgata Topcamp Mosjøen

Historical Sjøgata

Mosjøen is known for its historic Sjøgata, and the locals are real café people. There are lots of cafés to choose from, and you will see that it is full of people. If you want to warm up with a good cup of hot drink, the chili latte at Umami is highly recommended. Another popular café is Kulturverkstedet, a multi-purpose building with an art gallery, antique shop, rental premises, and a café.

In September, there is also the historic Tiendebytte market in the center of Mosjøen. It starts on September 15, and until September 19 there will be a market, music and opera party.