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Idyllic camping by the sea on the Helgeland coast

Topcamp Havblikk is a campsite that must be experienced, with its incredible location on the shore of the Helgeland coast, surrounded by clear water and mighty mountains.

Nesna is a center for many activities. Several of Helgeland's beautiful mountain peaks are at right by, including the mountain range The Seven Sisters. You can rent boats of many kinds, such as one of Havblikk's motorboats for fishing, or kayak. Kayak courses are also available, if you need to be safer at sea first. You cant also rent SUP boards - stand up paddle. Or you can hop on the ferry to visit islands such as Lovund, Træna, Rødøy, Myken and Støtt.

Badestrand, Topcamp Havblikk, Nesna, Camping Helgeland

At Topcamp Havblikk you can rent a bike, so you can discover as much of the area as possible. Did you know that there are several places in the area where you can snorkel? It may not be quite the same as snorkeling in Thailand or the Maldives, but there are plenty of exciting things to see in the water outside of Nesna as well.

Helgeland also has several fantastic beaches, where you can relax and listen to the waves scurry. We even have a beach at Topcamp Havblikk, and even though the water temperature is not like in the south, it is nice to have a dip anyway!

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Tired-kids-at-night warranty

And speaking of the south, at Topcamp Havblikk we have a pool area called "Lille Syden" ("Syden" is the word Norwegians use for all the countries in the south, by the Mediterranean), with a heated swimming pool, festive water slides, sunbeds and sales of ice cream and soft drinks. A clear favorite among the children, who can find new playmates and have all the fun.

If the children need to dry their wrinkled fingers and toes (after spending hours in the water), they can jump on the bouncy pillow and climb around the playground.

Kajak, Strand, Nesna Camping Helgeland, Topcamp Havblikk

Peace and idyll

Few things give peace of mind such as fresh sea air, ripples, and nice views. Topcamp Havblikk delivers all three, and you get - if we can say it ourselves - the world's most beautiful sunset with the purchase, with the sun setting behind the mountains on the island of Tomma.

Just put the food on the grill, fill the glass with something good, enjoy the view and sit back. At Topcamp Havblikk, the shoulders will be lowered and the idyll ingested, while the children run around with new and old friends, swim and slide, and enjoy all the fun.

Bio und lokale Produkte im Aurora Restaurant in Nesa, Topcamp Havblikk

Local and organic food at Aurora

In 2017, the Aurora restaurant opened, with a live stage and atmospheric interior. The focus is on local and organic ingredients, where "the local meets the world". You can sit outside or inside and enjoy everything from a delicious fish soup, ceviche of scallops, local halibut, and mussels, to Helgeland lamb, entrecôte, Vietnamese noodle soup, and curry.

More activities

There are a whole bunch of other experiences in the area that you will not want to miss. You can read about them here.