Koigen, the Dive Tower and the seafront

At Koigen one of Norway's most beautiful skateboard rinks can be found along with beach volleyball courts, basketball courts and playground installations. The sandy beach of Mjøsholmen invites you to swim and barbecue in the summertime. The beach walk offers pleasant strolls regardless of the season.

Hamar has a nationally famous diving tower, located on the beach area close to the city center. A steel bridge leads out to an amphitheater on a floating concrete pier with steps out into Lake Mjøsa.

The 5 meters diving tower also has a lower ledge at 2.5 meters.
The infamous diving tower at Koigen has become a great tourist attraction. After first being a famous municipal administrative scandal. The costs were initially stipulated at 1.6 million NOK, but after several years the cost ended well above 25 million NOK. It was considered a shameful spot of bother for the local authorities. However when it was finally finished, the diving tower has turned in to a success, with frequent use for almost all seasons and a tourist attraction creating turnover for the local businesses that probably exceeds the building costs every year. The facilities are universally designed, thus available also for disabled people. The Hamar Diving Tower is located about 20 minutes by car from Mjøsa Feriepark.