Kongens utsikt

Top trip to the Kongens utsikt - with a view of the entire Hole municipality and the "half of the kingdom"

This fantastic trip is one of Ringerike's most popular destinations. Kongens Utsikt is located 484 meters above Tyrifjorden and Steinsfjorden, west of Kleivstua, with a fantastic view of large parts of Ringerike and Hole. King Karl Johan visited the place in 1832, hence the name Kongens utsikt.

Here you will find details about the trip and more map options.

You can either start at Sundvolden (at the beginning of Dronningveien) and walk 1300 meters up to Kleivstua with a climb all the way, or take the car to Kleivstua. (If you drive, remember that there is a toll road up: fee NOK 25, -)

From Kleivstua, the road is signposted all the way forward. The nature trail passes interesting biotypes and magnificent viewpoints. You will find numerous quarries from earlier times, where mining of the famous red ringer kingdom sandstone took place. There are also memories from the coal burning era, by Nes there is a very stone clock.

The nature trail is connected to other hiking trails on Krokskogen, which offer diverse opportunities for an avid hiker.

The Kongens utsikt is an exit point in Hole municipality on Ringerike. It is located west of Kleivstua on a mountain plateau approx. 400 meters above Tyrifjorden / Steinsfjorden. The place is known for its views over large parts of Hole and Ringerike. It is named after King Karl Johan who visited the place in 1832.