Penger med kryss over

Topcamp becomes cashfree

The pandemic has taught us a lot about infection control. We are very happy to let go of some restrictions, but there are some we want to keep. With regard mainly to infection control for guests and employees, we now introduce cash-free payment in Topcamp. From now on, cash is undesirable at our destinations.

Neighboring countries have taken the lead

Sweden and Denmark have long experience of being cash-free and it is reported that this has gone smoothly. In Sweden, in fact, it has in practice been possible for companies to deny accepting cash ever since the 1980s.
Due to the pandemic, Norway has now also been virtually cash-free since 2020. The transition should therefore not be too demanding for those who visit a Topcamp destination.

- Cashfree is safer in so many ways. It is only natural that we introduce this now, says Gry Wigre, finance manager at Topcamp

Only a fraction of our turnover has been cash payment

The share of cash payments has plummeted in recent years. Today, cash makes up only a few percent of our turnover, and we are therefore quite confident that our going cashfree will not affect our guests to any great extent. Hence we encourage all customers to choose other forms of payment other than cash, in practice for foreigners: Credit or debit cards. Valid debit or credit cards will always be accepted at all our destinations.