Kulturverkstedet i Sjøgata, Mosjøen

Kulturhuset café

Kulturverkstedet in Sjøgata, Mosjøen is a multi-purpose culture house with a café in historic interiors, a northern Norwegian art gallery, an antique shop, and rental premises. Kulturverkstedet is a meeting place for people of all ages, with dining and culture.

Old traditions are preserved in building customs, interiors, and the café in Kulturverkstedet. It serves mainly good, homemade traditional food, such as milk cake, Norwegian pancakes, and legendary shrimp sandwiches!

The cultural city Mosjøen often offers concerts and other fine cultural experiences. In Kulturverkstedet there is traditionally a free lunch concert with local musicians every Friday at 12.00, and other concerts that are advertised continuously on Kulturverkstedet's Facebook page.

Die Kultur-Werkstatt in der Sjøgata Mosjøen.
Mittagskonzert jeden Freitag in der Kultur-Werkstatt in Mosjøen.

Opening hours, program,s and other information can hopefully be found HERE

Kulturverkstedet café and Sjøgata are within walking distance from Topcamp Mosjøen!