Løiten Distillery Aquavisit Theatre

An Aquavisit is a walking theater through the distillery and the aquavit's history in the old Løiten Brænderi's liquor production premises.

Along the way, you meet a number of prominent characters such as the farmer Anders Bakken, the distillery worker Anton Karlsen, the doctor Elias Mikkelsen, the teetotaler agitator Søren Sørensen and the laboratory technician Olsen and others, all played by one rabid actor, usually in the middle of the audience. An entertaining and educational experience for the audience! This is in fact Norway's most played theater performance, performed more than 6000 times. Open performances Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays with regular ticket sales every summer.
Note that the performance includes walking up stairs that are unfortunately not universally designed and a stay outdoors. Løiten Brænderi is located under a half-hour drive from Mjøsa Feriepark.

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