The Maihaugen Museum

Maihaugen is one of the largest open-air museums in Norway with more than 200 buildings ranging from the 13th century to a couple of decades ago.

Maihaugen is a time machine experience: Here you can you can stroll past medieval stave churches and old farms and then around the corner you can experience a typical Norwegian home from the nineteen-eighties.

At Maihaugen most decades in the 20th century are represented by contemporary houses with full interiors, objects, decorations and clothes from that decade. In high season, the typical homes are open and guests can even meet "residents" from these different times. Memories from the 70s, 80s and 90s can be refreshed - and children can experience what things were like when grandma grew up.

During the summer season, there are several walking theaters and skilled guides are happy to share their knowledge. For the children, close contact with the many farm animals on summer pasture in the open-air museum is also a big hit. 40 minutes drive from Mjøsa Feriepark - but be advised to set aside all day in this interactive museum.

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