Mammuthus Geological Information Centre

Mammuthus (The Mammoth House)
is a Geological Information Center in Vangsåsen, Hedmark, 10 kilometers from Hamar. Central to the exhibition are two full size models of mammoths that were discovered in Siberia.

Ever taken the kids and met a mammoth? Take the chance and visit Mammuthus in Vangsåsen, Hedmark! Mammuthus is a geological information center 10 kilometers from Hamar. The Mjøsa region is a key area in Norwegian geological history. Rocks from ancient times - when Norway incredibly enough was located close to Australia (!), Black shale from a location near the South Pole and corals and desert sandstone from a period were this country was located near the equator, all within a fairly limited area. Central to the exhibition are two models of mammoths found in Siberia.

The distinctive architecture of Mammuthuset is worth the trip alone. The location 420 meters above sea level offers magnificent views of central parts of the Mjøsa area.