Opening hours and contact information

Opening hours at the reception

The reception is located in the main building, centrally on the campsite. Here, guests are always welcome to receive information and help, and we have a convenience store with ice cream, soft drinks, candy, and some necessities and practical camping details. We also serve coffee and have tables to sit at - but of course, encouragement for the time being, is to keep a good distance from others. NB: Opening hours vary slightly with periods and season.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday   08.00 - 15.00
Saturday-Sunday       10.00 - 14.00

Feel free to contact us

Feel free to contact us for inquiries, questions, and help. But if it only involves a simple booking, you will save the administration fee by using the online booking system.


Topcamp Mjøsa

Bureiservegen 5

2384 Brumunddal

Telefon +47 62 35 98 00
E-Post mjosa[ætt]