zip-line fra Øyfjellet over fjorden ned til Mosjøen

Mosjøen Zip-line

Get an adrenaline kick you have rarely experienced! Mosjøen Zip-line is 700 meters long and is a fast-paced and airy experience with great views of Sjøgata and Mosjøen. With a body harness, you are safely secured to the powerful wire before you speed away. The zip-line has an automatic braking system that gives you a safe and secure experience of flying!

Mosjøen Zip-line is 700 meters long! From Storfjellet near Mosjøen center, the trip goes over the salmon river Vefsna and down to the garden at Fru Haugan's Hotel. A fast-paced and spectacular tickles-in-the-belly experience with great views of Sjøgata and Mosjøen. You are securely secured with a solid body harness to the long wire before you whiz away. You get the experience of flying, at the same time as the zip-line has an automatic braking system so that the experience is safe and secure! • Age limit 10 years. Minimum 30 kg / maximum 120 kg.

Arrive on the "island" below Øyfjellet about 15 minutes walk from the center, follow the signs to the airport over the bridge. Right after the bridge, turn right and continue towards the mountain until you see a large flag with the logo of "Natural Helgeland". You are given harnesses and walk on your own up to the starting point in the mountains. The road is clearly signed and takes about 10 minutes to walk.

Zwei Personen gehen die Steintreppe hinauf mit einem Seil für die Zip-Line

Before/after school holidays: Open on announced days. We accept bookings for groups of at least 10 people. Individuals can then also participate. Opening hours are announced on the website and Facebook: Naturlige Helgeland and Mosjøen Via Ferrata and Zip-line.

You order zip-line at Naturlige Helgeland, where you can also see prices and opening hours. N.B. Be aware that the zip-line can be combined and booked together with Via Ferrata or as a conclusion to a trip in the Helgeland stairs.

Leute im Zip-Line hoch über die Sjøgata in Mosjøen.
Zwei Personen die mit einem Zip- Line hinunter bis ins Zentrum von Mosjøen fliegen.

Book zip-lining at Naturlige Helgeland, where you'll also find opening hours and prices. Accommodation in Mosjøen can be booked here: