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Topcamp Havblikk

Topcamp Havblikk, camping Helgeland, Helgelandskysten

Amazing sunsets from Topcamp Havblikk

Solnedgang Topcamp Havblikk, camping i Helgeland, Midnattsol

Heated pool with water slides on Topcamp Havblikk

Vannsklier badebasseng, Topcamp Havblikk, Helgeland

An unique view over the ocean and mountains at Topcamp Havblikk!

Bobilplass Topcamp Havblikk - Helgeland

Idyllic activities on Topcamp Havblikk

SUP-brett, Topcamp Havblikk, Nesna, Helgeland

Welcome to Topcamp Havblikk!

Topcamp Havblikk is a year-round, family-friendly, idyllic campsite with views of the sea and spectacular mountains. In addition to really nice pitches for caravans and motorhomes, we have our own tent area and a glamping tent - and can offer accommodation in a wide selection of rooms, apartments, and cabins. Our guests have access to sanitary facilities, a TV lounge, and a communal kitchen with a dining room.

The campsite is located on the beautiful Helgeland coast and is a natural stopping place for travelers going both south and north. N.B. Plan more than one night at Topcamp Havblikk - it's just too silly to travel on without first experiencing the mountains The Seven Sisters, kayaking and diving, cycling in the mountains, and more of the great experiences the area offers!

bestill nå - betal senere

Sommeren fyller seg opp fortere enn mange aner. Du kan bestille og sikre deg en god plass nå - og betale når feriepengene tikker inn! Les mer om hvordan det funker i praksis her.

To glade jenter i vannsklie på Lille Syden. Foto

Lille Syden er STENGT

Lille Syden er dessverre nå stengt for resten av sommeren pga tekniske problemer. Vi beklager dette. 

overview Map of Topcamp Havblikk

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kontanter med kryss over. Illustrasjon

Topcamp becomes cashfree

With regard mainly to infection control for guests and employees, we now introduce cashfree payment in Topcamp. From now on, cash is undesirable at our destinations.

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Activity Program for children in Topcamp Hallingdal in the summer of 2022

hoppende glade barn. foto

Topcamp Havblikk

Live well and idyllic with views of spectacular mountains, and with a water park, a beach, and a bunch of activities right outside your doorstep.

Et par spiser middag foran teltet sitt. Foto

Idyllic camping by the sea

At Topcamp Havblikk you can find peace among fresh sea air, crystal clear water, and mighty mountains, while the children run around with new friends and enjoy the water park. You have the whole of Helgeland at your feet, with Helgeland's perhaps most beautiful sunset and fantastic food made with local and organic ingredients at our restaurant Aurora.

Kollasj med stemningsbilder fra Havblikk og Helgeland. Foto

Much more to see and do in Helgeland!

In Helgeland, a number of companies work together to offer you and yours some good experiences. Whether you want to rent a boat or bicycle, or you want to meet sea eagles on Sea Eagle Safari in a RIB. There is something for every taste, shape, and form. Under you will find some of the experiences near Topcamp Havblikk.

Ny lekeplass. Illustrasjon

Ny lekeplass dessverre forsinket

Helt ny lekeplass , med nye husker, klatrestativ, zip-line, balanseleker og mye mer moro var bestilt for leveranse og montering før sommeren. Dessverre er vi nå blitt informert om at pga pandemi, stengte grenser osv eblir prosjektet forsinket. Leverandøren vil ikke klare å gjennomføre leveranse før sommeren 2021. De beklager og vi beklager, men det er dessverre utenfor vår påvirkning.   

A few practicals to know before your visit

Hund med hodet ut av bilvindu. Foto

Your dog is welcome!

Both at camping pitches and in cabins, as long as it does not bother others. (We also have pet-free cabins) Your dog must be on a leash, the owner must clean up after it and take responsibility for it not making noise. We even have our own dog shower! The final cleaning cost in cabins will be a little extra when you bring a dog.

Adapterkabel med Europa-kontakt. Illustrasjon

Bring the right cable!

Our pitches have a power connection for 1-phase cable with a Europe connector. We have a transition cable for rent at the reception, but in limited numbers, so we can not guarantee that there will be one available. We generally recommend guests who have a caravan or motorhome with an older cabel, to buy such a transition, as it may come in handy in many places!

Elbil-lader. Illustrasjon

Electric car chargers

We have a large number of electric car chargers in the parking lot by Stallen, and every other cabin has an electric car charger. Be aware that it is not allowed to charge an electric car via the power connection on the sites (the fuse goes for a larger area, so the one who sneaks charges will quickly become unpopular in the neighborhood)

Stue med åpen kjøkkenløsning i tømmerhytte på Topcamp Mosjøen

Staying longer than a week?

You can rent our cabins and apartments for longer periods in low-season. Stay in one of our top modern apartments or one of our cheaper alternatives. Either way, you can park the car just outside.

Directions to Topcamp Havblikk - Helgeland!

Contact Topcamp Havblikk - Helgeland

Telephone: +47 75177900
Adress: Sjåberget 3, 8700 Nesna