Mosjøen via ferrata - fjellkatrings-aktivitet

Norway's northernmost Via Ferrata

The world's northernmost Via Ferrata opened in the summer of 2017 in Øyfjellet in Mosjøen. Join in on a steep, airy, exciting, and spectacular experience - where you always are completely safe and secure.

Risk-free rock climbing

Via Ferrata is Italian for "iron path" - and can be described as a cross between safe rock climbing and a bit of an extreme summit hike - all the time with safe securing. A wire is permanently mounted in the rock, and all the way on the route there are places to find attachments, natural grips, and steps. A completely sumptuous spectacular view of Mosjøen and the surrounding area awaits you along the way, and the view does not get any worse at the top, where you can see the well-known mountain range "The Seven Sisters".

The hike gives you the opportunity to try rock climbing in a safe environment and without special prior knowledge. The route is classified as B/C, ie easy to medium difficulty, and can thus provide a challenge and an exciting experience for most people who do not have climbing experience beforehand. You are guaranteed goosebumps and a tingling stomach along the way - and a fantastic feeling of mastery on top! 

An der Via Ferrata ist man die ganze Zeit richtig via Stahlseil gesichert.
Ein gesicherter Mann auf der Via Ferrata hoch über Mosjøen.

Walking distance from Topcamp Mosjøen 

Mosjøen Via Ferrata is only 1 km from Topcamp Mosjøen and is open to order every day from about June 1 to October 1 (weather conditions, minimum 4 participants)

See here for prices, opening hours, and other useful information.

Book Via Ferrata guided tour with Naturlige Helgeland. Naturlige Helgeland has the necessary equipment.

Via Ferrata can be booked at Naturlige Helgeland - but here you can book accommodation at Topcamp Mosjøen:

Via Ferrata Mosjøen hoch über den Bergen