Yalp interaktiv online fotballvegg

New: Interactive playgrounds

If everything goes according to plan, there will be two new attractions at Topcamp Hallingdal before the summer vacation: An interactive football wall and an online interactive memo game! Both of these installations are award-winning successes from the highly acclaimed Dutch playground developer Yalp. Here, hour after hour of fun and exercise is guaranteed for children of all ages, including playful adults!

Interactive Memo game

Educational and physical activity at the same time! The bars show different colors, numbers, letters, and codes that determine the movements and point-scoring for each participant. Here, both perceptions of numbers, memory, and thinking are stimulated - with a high pulse, speed, and mood! The memo arena contains a number of different games, which are updated at all times so that the game is varied almost endlessly. The game automatically instructs participants on tasks on the 360 ° LED touch screens on the 7 bars. Memo is an inclusive game, because the participants quickly get tired and need a break so that new participants can try.

Interaktives Memo- Spiel
Yalp Memo interaktive Pfosten mit hoher Intensität und Vergnügen
Yalp Memo interaktive Pfosten mit 360-Grad Touchscreen.
Yalp Sutu interaktive Fussball-Wand

Interactive Football Wall!

A new way to play football - the wall constantly presents new tasks and challenges with colors and variety. The result is exciting, and fun activity hour after hour. Sutu football wall is very popular and has been a great success in all places where it has been installed. We are looking forward to getting it installed!

Yalp Sutu Fussball-Wand Aktivitäten
Yalp Sutu interaktive Fussball-Wand