Topcamp Sjøsanden dronebilde mpt havet

News at Topcamp Sjøsanden

It has been and still is, things going on at Topcamp Sjøsanden since last summer! Among other things, most of the cabins have been painted on the inside, 19 apartments have been completely renovated, a completely new playground is coming, we have cut down trees, and we got electric car chargers. And there is more!

Freshly cut = more light and sun!

Many have probably realized that some trees have been cut down on the campsite when it actually became a matter on Dagsrevyen. A few conservatives protested and thus came the press. We who run the campsite do not think that we are less preoccupied than anyone else with Furulunden's well-being, but that does not mean that it is not possible to bend a branch or carefully remove some trees. All subsequent reactions from guests and locals have been positive. As the picture above shows, there are still trees in Furulunden, but there is also more light and sun and better accessibility than before at the campsite.

Salong i nyoppusset stue i hytte på Sjøsanden

Cabins and apartments are being refurbished

Most of the cabins were painted and freshened up inside in bright, pleasant colors during the fall and winter. 19 apartments are being completely renovated this year. Everything is changed, so that the apartments will appear as new on July 1st. It is therefore not possible to live in an apartment before that time - but they can be booked for stays after July 1st.

Elbil-lader skilt

Electric car chargers are in place!

The usual power poles at the campsite can unfortunately not be used for electric car charging. But we can say that today we get in place 4 electric car chargers inside at the campsite. In addition, there is also a selection of charging options nearby.

Glade barn i lekeplass

New playground

A new playground in sustainable materials from the renowned supplier Woodworks AB will be in place before the summer of 2021!

plakatbanner for familieforstiillingen Hobdetrållene

The trolls are coming!

The trolls are not the kind of big, ugly, and scary trolls, they are kind and little naive creatures who are playful, silly, and concerned with taking care of nature. But the idyll cracks when someone starts stealing their things - and it turns out that there has been a scary sea monster in Skogsfjorden! "The trolls and the monster from the sea" is an exciting and fun musical family show for children and adults between 3-103 years. The performance will be played on the outdoor stage at Topcamp Sjøsanden this summer: The premiere is July 10th and the performance will then be played every Wednesday and Saturday until August 7th.

For the family performances, we have built a great new grandstand in the terrain. Here it is ready for more elements of entertainment!

tribune i terrenget på SJøsanden