Onsakervika camping volleyball strand

A holiday full of experiences at Topcamp Onsakervika

Right by the water on the north side of Tyrifjorden is Topcamp Onsakervika, with a beach and a large green area. Only the drive here is something itself, through long, green grasslands and views over the fjord.

Here it is easy to find activities for the entire family. The beach is perhaps the finest in the eastern part of Norway, with two water slides, a pier on the water, and paddle boat- and canoe rental. There is plenty of space to frolic, and if you get restless there is both a volleyball court and a brand new playground right behind the beach. Here you will also find the campsite's café and restaurant, where food, ice cream, and cold drinks can be enjoyed overlooking the beach. There is also a mini-golf course, right by the reception.

Gutt i vannsklie på Topcamp Onsakervika

There are so many activities at the campsite, as well as in the surrounding area. Hønefoss city center is cozy for a morning visit, with niche shops and lots of nice cafes. There are also plenty of cultural experiences, hiking opportunities, activities for children or the entire family, and several good places to eat. Here are some of the things you can do in the area:

For the one who loves culture

Kistefos Museum and the world-famous "The Twist" is one of the attractions nearby. Not only is there a museum and fantastic architecture, but also play equipment, a sculpture park and a sculpture fountain where both adults and children can play in the water.

Just a 10-minute drive from Kistefos you will find Hadeland Glassverk - a beautiful place with several activities. Among other things, they offer glass blowing, which is fun for both big and small. In addition, there is lots of shopping, and every Saturday there is a farm for the children and music!

Kirkefos Museum the twist

Another exciting place to visit is Veien Kulturminnepark. Here there are nature trails around burial mounds, several exhibitions, a longhouse from over 2000 years ago, and "the world's most beautiful rose" - thousands of rose pictures that have been combined into a picture of a large rose. The tour is worth taking! Otherwise, it's the day for the children every Tuesday, where they learn to make carrying nets the old-fashioned way.

Hønefosserevyen is one of Norway's most famous and largest summer revues, and can be very fun to watch. It is played all summer at Gledeshuset, which is also a restaurant and nightclub.

Just ten minutes away from the campsite is Ringerike Museum, right next to the medieval church Norderhov church.

For the active

There is also plenty of outdoor life and activities in the area. The most popular hike is Mørkgonga, which you may have already seen lots of pictures of on social media. Some parts can be demanding, but the view you get at the top is worth the effort. Be careful of where you park, as the parking on site is not the best. Fines are often issued to those who park incorrectly, and it may therefore be wiser to be driven and picked up if possible.

Another popular tour is the King's View or Kongens Utsikt in Norwegian, which has absolutely stunning views. You can walk from Sundvolden Hotel, which takes between two and three hours, or you can drive up to Kleivstua and walk from there. This trip is family-friendly and takes just under 30 minutes one way. An even shorter walk right by is the Queen's view (Dronningens utsikt). The view is still good, just not AS good!

"Elvelangs" is a hidden gem. The trip starts at the town beach at Schjongslund and follows the path up towards the city center along the river. It ends at the top of Fossen, where you can have lunch at Gledeshuset, or take a trip to the city center.

Kongens utsikt Onsakervika

Half an hour's drive from the campsite is Randsfjord Badepark, which is one of the largest bathing parks in the Nordic region. If the weather is bad, Ringeriksbadet is a good alternative! 

Randsfjorden badepark Onsakervika

For the foodie

If you love food and good food experiences, a priority should be to go pick strawberries on Nordre Sørum farm - because what is better than fresh, Norwegian strawberries? Haven't tried them? Then you HAVE to go! 

Otherwise, Brasserie Fengselet is nice if you want to dine in a classic a la carte restaurant, while Clint offers bubble tea and sushi with outdoor seating. At Thorbjørnrud Hotell they have delicious local food, and the pizza at Hadeland Glassverk is delicious!