Kjente elementer fra Oslo; Tigeren, Sinnataggen, Holmenkollen, Tusenfryd, Operaen, Freia-reklamen på Karl Johan

Things to see and do in Oslo

The possibilities in the capital are endless. You will find everything from quiet park life, nice hiking areas, and fresh sea air to bustling restaurant and café life, active experiences, and cultural sights. There are activities for both children and adults - and for the whole family together.

Here are some favorite activities in Oslo:

When in Oslo, you have to see the Opera House, as well as the new Deichman Library next door. When these stops are already on your list, you can just as well walk the entire harbor promenade, to get some of the best experiences the capital has to offer. You start along the pier and the many restaurants on Sørenga and move through the new areas Bispevika and Bjørvika. From there you walk past the brand new Munch Museum, the Opera House, and the Deichman Library. Make sure to stop by everyone. Continue along Langkaia and past Vippa - stop for a bite to eat if you are hungry. At Vippa you get delicious street food from all corners of the world. From there you walk past Akershus Fortress and Oslo City Hall, to Aker Brygge, and further out to Tjuvholmen. If you want to go even further, you can continue along Filipstadkaia and to Kongen Marina, and even further out towards Bygdøy if you want.

You should also check out Holmenkollen. In fact, this is one of Norway's most visited attractions. There are several restaurants in the area, you can visit Holmenkollen Ski Museum, and it is a good starting point for several hiking trails in Nordmarka. In addition, there are activities such as zip-line down the ski jump, climbing, bike paths, and a ski simulator to experience.

Bogstadveien and Grünerløkka are the streets for you, if you just want to look around and shop a bit. If you get tired of walking, you can buy a 24-hour pass on the tram and try tram jumping! A bit like your own "hop on, hop off" sightseeing bus - which is also found in Oslo. Or you can do classic island hopping and visit islands such as Gressholmen, Hovedøya, and Heggholmen. On the islands, you can explore, swim or have a picnic on the beach.

There are no cultural shortcomings in the big city! You can choose between a variety of museums, galleries and activity centers. Some examples are the Technical Museum, the Historical Museum, the Viking Ship House, the Kon-Tiki Museum, the Munch Museum, the Norwegian Folk Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Pop Center, the Holocaust Center, the National Gallery, the Astrup Fearnley Museum or the Henie Onstad Art Center. The options are almost endless!

Other activities are escape room, bowling, or mini-golf at Oslo Camping - a bar with 18 mini-golf courses. Or you can visit Bogstad Farm, where there are animals and activities for the whole family. If you are ready for speed and excitement, you can go to the Rush trampoline park, Oslo climbing park, the Megazone activity center, or indoor go-karting at Harald Huysman Karting. Of course, you can also take a trip to the amusement park Tusenfryd, about a 20 minute drive outside the city. In Oslo, you can also look at lizards, snakes, crocodiles, spiders, scorpions, insects, and more at the reptile park. Or you can have an exciting day solving tasks at "Fangene på fortet", take a bath in Frognerbadet, or play frisbee golf at Ekeberg or Holmenkollen.

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