Your dog is welcome!

Campers are allowed to bring their dogs and cats as long as the animals doesn't bother other guests. Which means that dogs must be on leash, dog owner must clear up any remains and be responsible for keeping ones dog quiet.

Bring the right connection

Our pitches suits ordinary Norwegian Schuco connecton. We have Euro-Schuco adapters for sale at the reception, but not in unlimited numbers, so we can not guarantee that it will always be available. In general we recommend campers to buy such a transition adapter, as every other camp site in Norway has got the other type of connection.

Kiosk på stedet!

Det er en liten kiosk/dagligvare ved resepsjonen, hvor du får kjøpt ferske rundstykker om morgenen, rykende varm kaffe, pålegg, is, slush, snacks, leker, suvenirer og hygieneprodukter. 

Store at the campsite!

It is a small store by the reception, that offers fresh bread rolls in the morning, warm coffee, ice cream, slush, snacks, toys, souvenirs, and sanitary products. 


There is also a café that offers simple serving, like hamburgers, fries, and hot dogs.