Rib på vei ut på fyrtur

RIB safari and lighthouse tour

Helgeland has a dozen lighthouses far out in the open sea. The lighthouses are important for all ship traffic along the coast. Today, the lighthouses are automated, but some time ago, this was an important workspace for many. Entire families often lived far out in the open sea, with great challenges to get to the mainland, especially in winter. Helgeland Opplevelser takes you to see one of these lighthouses.

Helgeland Opplevelser picks you up from the quay (Hotellhagen) in Mosjøen and takes you out to Vega and Bremstein Lighthouse. The trip goes through Vefsnafjorden and then towards Alstahaug. We stop by Himmelblå on Ylvingen for a light lunch, before the trip continues to the lighthouse. We go ashore by the lighthouse and guide you through a historical journey about life out there. In the afternoon we return home with a trip to Vega Havhotell.

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Bremstein Leuchtturm bei den  Vega-Inseln.


Bremstein Lighthouse

Die Mannschaft des Bremstein- Leuchtturms - historisches Bild


Historical picture of the crew and residents of Bremstein Lighthouse