The Rolf Nesch Museum

German-born expressionist Rolf Nesch (1893-1975) spent 25 years of his life living in Ål. The Nesch Museum displays 78 of his original works, and is the world's largest permanent, public exhibition of Rolf Nesch’s art, an internationally renowned artist.

The museum exhibits drawings, prints, sculptures and collages. Monday - Friday 0800 -1600.

After many years of wandering life, Nesch moved to Ål in 1951. Here he lived and worked for the last 25 years of his life. In 1993 - the year he would have celebrated his 100th birthday - a separate museum for his art was established in Ål. The permanent collection, which includes graphics, sculpture, material pictures and oil painting, provides a representative and exciting selection of his artistic life work from 1916 to 1972. The museum is today visited by art enthusiasts from large parts of Europe. Here you will find drawings, graphics, sculptures and material images.

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