The Skibladner Steam boat

A journey with the world's oldest operating wheel steamer Skibladner, is like a time machine day trip back to 1856. It will be a memory for life!

The world's oldest wheeled steamer Skibladner is still running on Lake Mjøsa between Gjøvik-Lillehammer and Gjøvik- Eidsvold!
A trip with Skibladner is a memorable day trip back to 1856. Skibladner's real steam engine is fully visible in the middle of the ship, the view from the deck is beautiful and the ship has a café, restaurant, kiosk, gift shop and exciting lounges that can be explored below deck. It is recommended to book a table in the restaurant at the same time as the ticket / seat reservation. A new jetty for a Skibladner stop in Brumunddal is under construction at the Mjøsparken Park.