Tangen Zoo

A cozy family zoo with exciting animals in beautiful natural surroundings, including black monkeys, silk monkeys, gibbons, camels, zebras, emus, snakes, donkeys, iguanas, foxes, pigs, goats and ponies.

A cozy family park with many exciting animals in beautiful natural surroundings. These include silk monkeys, gibbons, black monkeys, zebras, camels, emus, donkeys, snakes, iguanas, ponies, foxes, pigs and goats. The park is located just off the motorway E6, 25 km south of Hamar - just over half an hour's drive from Mjøsa Feriepark. There is a kiosk and souvenir shop, where separate animal feed bags are sold for those who want to feed the animals. Playground, seating and heated grills with free charcoal where you can prepare and enjoy your own food.

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