fire personer som spiser middag i lavvoen

The Lavvo - a nice eatery with a view

The Lavvo is a nice public place that serves simple dinner dishes, pizzaes and beverages of many kinds. Inside and outside seating with the best view of the lake Mjøsa and the friendliest atmosphere for miles

Opening hours

The Lavvo is only open on weekends between easter and main holiday season, normally from 16:00/17:00 to 23:00/24:00.

Daily in the main holiday season and then on weekends again in August. The Lavvo season traditionally ends on the last weekend of August.

Sundays in june og august from 15:00-21:00


Changes in the menu may suddenly occur

Grilled hot dog with lompe/potatoecake or bread
Hamburger w / accessories
Beafburger 195g w / accessories
Steak with onions
Chicken fillet
Red plaice w / salad, potatoes and remulade
French fries
Onion rings

Roasted potatoes, boat potatoes or french fries.

Salad or vegetables
Onion, corn, pineapple, tomato. Sour Dressing



Pizza with ham
Pizza with pepperoni
Pizza with chicken
Pizza Oddvar Special = chicken, ham, onion, corn, paprika


Coffee, waffles, snacks, mineral water, beer, wine, alcohol-free.

Ein glücklicher Kjetil der im Lavvoen Restaurant auftischt und bedient

Kjetil will always wish you welcome and serve something good.

Veranstaltung und viel Publikum im Lavvoen

Always a friendly atmosphere in the Lavvo, both with and without a troubadour or other events.