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Going tenting this summer? Here are some tips to keep in mind

Are you thinking of taking your tent on your vacation this year? Then we have the best tips for you here!

The freedom to roam gives you the opportunity to spend a night or two in the open, as long as it is at least 150 meters away from an inhabited house or cottage. Many landowners want the area to themselves and create obstacles and territory markings. In practice, it is not always so clear where the boundaries go - and many will probably not experience it as very relaxing and pleasant if you live in defiance. Other challenges with wild camping are of course sanitary needs. The freedom to roam hardly allows doing what is necessary all the time. The easiest thing is to take in at a campsite, at least switch it up, so that you have access to things like showers, toilets, and electricity. Renting a tent pitch at a campsite has several advantages, especially for you who are going on a longer trip or if you are a beginner.

The advantages of setting up a tent at a campsite are perhaps first and foremost that you get access to sanitary facilities. Toilets and showers. In addition, you usually get access to electricity. In the open field, you can of course bring power banks and solar chargers, but over a longer period this will never be able to compete with electricity from the "wall". Most campsites also have shared kitchens available, which can be nice if you want to cook on more than one gas burner - or if the weather should be bad.

Other benefits are that you can leave the tent if you plan to stay for a few days. If you are camping in the free, you can not leave the tent for more than two days in the same place, unless you have permission from the landowner. The exception here is in remote inhabited places, such as the high mountains. Setting up a tent on a campsite also provides a degree of security, even if a serviced campsite can never give you guarantees against theft. It is never recommended to leave money, credit cards, telephone or other valuables unattended in tents, which after all are very easy to break into.
At a campsite, you usually have a kiosk/shop - and often a restaurant - in the immediate vicinity.

Campsites are social places, which provide good opportunities to get to know other campers. You will usually be able to get help and advice from the reception or other guests about what you should bring with you in the area - or if you need help with practical things.

Ps! Topcamp`s campsites are located so you always have a bunch of opportunities in the area! Here we talk about activities and experiences for all age groups - such as trips with great viewpoints, Via Ferrata routes, boat rentals, rafting, climbing parks, and zip lines. Just to name a few.

Below the picture you will find our best tips for tenting!

teltplass norge topcamp

This is what you will need

Tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and - if you have space and want a little more comfort - a pillow. In addition, you need a primus to cook, enough water for both food and drink (at the campsite you can refill), seat pads or camping chairs, mosquito repellent, matches, sunscreen and bags for rubbish. Wool is as good in summer as winter and a wool set should be in the backpack - remember that the evenings can be chilly! In addition, it is advisable to bring swimwear and a towel. If you have room in your luggage, bring a broom with a sweeping board - and preferably also a rake without a shaft (for removing cones, etc. that you do not want to lie on. But NB! If you are camping among conifers, it is recommended to remove the feathers cones and twigs, but leave the baby needles under the tent, they drain well and make a slightly drier layer against muddy soil if the rain appears).

If you are not going to be at a campsite, you must remember to bring toilet paper, a flashlight, and watercan(s) as needed, as well as a power bank or another solution for phone charging.

Tips! Bring a sleeping mask, so you do not have to wake up because it is too bright too early. Or you can wear a hat, which you pull down over the eyes. Another tip is to always bring slippers or other footwear that is easy to take on and off. 

Tips when setting up the tent:

Preferably put up the tent in daylight, so you can see what you are doing. It`s never fun to start putting up your tent when you are tired and about to go to bed.

Find a flat ground, preferably on soft surfaces such as grass, moss, or heather. Make sure you notice where the sun rises in the morning, so you can set up the tent somewhere with morning shade so you do not have to wake up half-cooked in a scorching tent. Avoid putting the tent up in bumps, where the water easily collects. You will reluctantly end up sleeping in a pond if the sky opens through the night. If there is a lot of wind, you should also try to find shelter from the wind.

Be careful when pitching the tent, fasten it tightly. The last thing you want is to get up in the middle of the night and fix the tent because it flutters too much in the wind, or water collects in the canvas. Remember to close all the nets and hatches so that no insects enter. And always take off your shoes on the outside so you do not get a lot of dirt into the tent (a small doormat can actually be very useful too!).

Tips when cooking:

In addition to the primus, you will need soap and a dishwashing brush, knife, plates, spatula, cutlery, glass or cups, a cutting board, and cooking oil.

Of course, you also need the food you are going to make, which should be stored in a good cooler. The best tip when cooking on a primus is to prepare everything in advance. This means that everything that can be made in advance is made in advance. Cut, and prepare things at home, then put them in containers - you are good to go, and its quick and easy to do the rest outdoors. Make sure that you use the food that lasts the least, first. 

Dishes that are easy and good to make on a primus are; fajitas, soups, various pasta dishes, burgers, stews, and tacos. Good breakfast tips are; pancakes (where you have made the batter in advance), wraps, cheese sandwiches, oatmeal, and eggs and bacon. If you want to make some proper cuddly food, you can use ready-made pizza dough that you can buy in the store, fill them with sugar and cinnamon, and make cinnamon rolls, or you can make bananas with chocolate, or the American classic smore's.

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