Topcamp Bogstad Activities

Bogstad Lake, the forest, activities at the campsite, and a short distance to downtown Oslo. We are sure that time will fly by with us!

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Fairytale golf

Have you ever dreamt of playing golf at the Palace, hitting a hole-in-one through the Opera House, or putting on Munch's "The Scream"?

Now you have the chance. You can golf your way through 12 holes, with a lovely range of Oslo's attractions, on our Oslo fairy tale mini-golf course.

The course is open to everyone. Clubs and balls can be rented at the reception.

Bogstad Lake

A short stroll from the campsite, you'll find the beach at Bogstad Lake. A perfect oasis on a hot summer day, with piers, grass, and a sandy beach.

Bring your grill or picnic basket, and don't forget your swimsuit. The water temperature is delightful on a warm summer day.

Activity program

A summer with activities

Join in on activities for the whole family three times a day.

From July 3rd to August 8th, we have activity coordinators with us who organize treasure hunts, workshops, quizzes, and many other fun activities.

Summer program

Nearby hiking opportunities

It is a short way to Nordmarka and great hiking areas. A hike around Bogstad Lake is fantastic. Or you can bike to Sørkedalen Landhandel, where you can enjoy the outdoor seating in the garden. has many routes for inspiration. Several of them have great swimming opportunities along the way.

Hiking map at

Historic Bogstad Farm

The home of Peder Anker, Norway's first prime minister, is open to the public.  There are guided tours of the manor, including spescial ones for children. You can enjoy the summery surroundings among all the animals on the farm. They have cows, sheep, chickens, and rabbits.

There is a café on the farm, with seating both inside and outside.

You use under five minutes by car, and the walk takes about 15 minutes from us to the farm.

Bogstad Farm

At the campsite

  • Summer program
  • Hiking areas
  • Swimming area
  • Playground
  • Adventure golf
  • Jumping pillow

Experience Oslo

Take the bus to the city center and let the city life sweep you away.

You can experience everything from calm park life, beautiful hiking areas, and fresh sea air to bustling restaurant and café life, active experiences, and cultural attractions.

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