Torpo Stave Church

The Stave Churches are perhaps the most distinct part of the Norwegian heritage. Torpo Stave Church is the oldest - and only remaining, original - stave church in Hallingdal! There were originally seven stave churches in the valley. It is also the oldest building in Hallingdal, with a mighty piece of impressive work put in.

Stave Churches is perhaps the Norwegian cultural monument of all. From Hallingdal Holiday Park you can easily get to a range of the most beautiful Stave Churches in the country. The beautiful Torpo Stave Church is only a few minutes drive from the Holiday Park. The Stave Church Museum is located in Ål, a stroll from the Holiday Park. The replica of Gol Stave Church is less than half an hour away.

Torpo stake church was built around 1160, and dedicated to St. Margaret. It is the legend of her martyrdom that adorns the canopy with the famous paintings from the second half of the 13th century. The church was built in the Borgund style with raised center room in ships. In 1880 the choir was demolished. The rest of the church was also to be demolished, but the Fortress Memorial Association bought the ship so that it was preserved. The paintings represent some of the most valuable medieval art in Norway. A new church in New Gothic was erected close to the old one in 1880; in the 1970s, large parts of the torn chancel were found under the floor of the new church.

The general Stave church density in the region makes it quite affordable to see some six-seven stave churches during a day trip from Hallingdal Feriepark, depending on how much time you want to spend at each one.

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