Stisykling Ål, Topcamp Hallingdal

Three Days at Topcamp Hallingdal

Topcamp Hallingdal holiday park is located in Ål in the Norwegian mountains between Oslo and Bergen, with a short distance to Gol, Geilo, and Hemsedal. The mountain village has a ton of activities and experiences, and the holiday park has so much to offer too. There is something for all ages - the whole family, the couple and friend groups. Three days is all you need to get some unforgettable memories from Topcamp Hallingdal.

Day 1: A day full of activities in the holiday park

Perhaps the alarm clock awakes you, but hopefully, you will wake up by the birds singing and the sound of the flowing river. Topcamp Hallingdal is located right by the Hallingdal river. Whether you live in your motorhome, caravan, tent or one of the cabins, you can buy fresh bread rolls and newly brewed coffee in the reception.

While the grown-ups drink their coffee, the children can run wild and have an active morning on the bouncy pillow. Right by it is the huge indoor playground, which is the biggest one between Oslo and Bergen. The kids can play for hours and hours with obstacle courses, climbing walls, stairs, slides, and various challenges. As several parents have mentioned before: The children sleep like angels after a couple of hours in the playground. There is also a snack bar there, where you can purchase slushies, mineral water, coffee, burgers, sausages, ice cream, and more.

Eventyrgolf Ål, Topcamp Hallingdal

The next activity on the agenda is Norway’s only adventure golf course. A mini-golf course with 12 holes, with decor and scenery that is inspired by the local area. Right above the mini golf is a part of the climbing park, and as you hit hole in one you can watch the climbers above you. Maybe it looks so fun that you want to try it yourself. You get equipment and a short training session before you can go ahead and enjoy the climbing park, with different challenges and several zip lines.

One of Ål’s newest attractions is “Elvelangs” - meaning “along the river”. This is a path for walking and cycling that goes by the river all the way from Topcamp Hallingdal to past the town center. This is actually one of the favorite activities for the locals. There are several places to stop along the way, where you can barbecue, take a swim, or just relax by the river. There are also SUP board rental and canoe rental at the holiday park.

The dinner should be had at the restaurant Bergtatt Bistro - where chef Allan and his team serves delicious pizza, steaks, local sausage, nachos, burger, salads and more. 

Spisested Ål, Bergtatt Bistro, Topcamp Hallingdal

After dinner, when the food has sunk in, the bike park awaits! This bike park is open for everyone - and is fun for everyone. If you are not up for biking you can enjoy a drink on Bergtatt Bistro’s terrace, with views over the river, the playground, and the new interactive playground where the kids can have some fun together.

Day 2: Explore the area

After a day full of activities in the holiday park it is time to explore the area around. The options are many.

If you are craving a day in fresh mountain air there are many beautiful hikes in the area. You can hike or bike in Hallingskarvet - you can for example walk the Sherpa stairs from Hol, up 2000 steps, to get there. Another stunning hike is Lauvdalsbrea, or Iungsdalen, where you can walk to the tourist cabin to buy porridge and Norwegian pancakes - sveler. Dyna is another nice hike, on the west side of Ål. There are also several hikes closer to the center, like Sundreberget and Nasakamben.

Stisykling Ål, Topcamp Hallingdal

If you want to experience the fresh mountain air in a somewhat different way you should head to Skarslia to go horseback riding in the mountains. Or you can go mountain trail biking with Ål Adventure. Skarslia offers horseback riding in the mountains for two hours, or a half or a whole day. It’s an incredible experience to see the best of Hallingdal from the horseback. Trail biking with Ål Adventure is an extreme experience. You can rent an electrical bicycle and a guide who will take you up the mountains. The way down is obviously most fun - it’s all about trusting yourself and the bike to get down safe. You control your own speed, and if it gets scary you can hop off the bike and walk for a while.

After these adventures, you can get your heart rate back to normal at Bergsjøstølen, where you can rent a kayak or canoe, have a swim and enjoy some time in the sauna. You can also order a delicious three-course meal made by Klaus Skogli. Just remember to order in advance.

 Bergsjøstølen, Badstue Bergsjø, Topcamp Hallingdal

Day 3: Animals and the outdoor life

What’s better than using your last day hanging around with animals? The nature parks Langedrag and Bjørneparken are just a short ride away from Topcamp Hallingdal. Langedrag has around 20 different animals, including wolves, mountain foxes, lynxes, mooses, reindeer, alpacas, and Telemark cows. In Bjørneparken they have amur leopard, bears, wolves, lynxes, foxes, elks, reindeer, deers, alpacas, sheep, goats, turtles, alligators, snakes, and crocodiles. So it will not be a boring moment either at Langedrag or in Bjørneparken.

After a day with the animals, you can challenge your comfort zone with rafting in Numedalslågen river, or try the Via Ferrata trail in Hemsedal. A somewhat calmer activity is to spend some time in Tropicana Waterpark in Gol.

There is never a dull moment at Topcamp Hallingdal. Both the holiday park and the area offer so many activities and experiences for all ages and all interests.