Bergtatt Bistro restaurant-interiør skinnstoler, teglsteinpeis og bord i varmt lys

Bergtatt Bistro

Our talented chefs serve delicious lunch and dinner every day. We also have outdoor seating in suited seasons. The restaurant is of course open to guests who are not residents at Topcamp Hallingdal as well! Scroll down to see our menu, which applies to both the restaurant and for takeaway.

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Bergtatt Bistro Hamburger


Starters / Light dishes 

Gratinated Nachos

with chicken, cheese, sour cream and guacamole

kr 205,-

Contains: Milk

Nachos Tres Amigos

with salsa, sour cream and guacamole

kr 159,-

Contains: Milk

Caesar Salad

with chicken breast, croutons, and parmesan

kr 175,-

Contains: eggs, gluten, mustard, milk

Baed Potatoe

with creamy maise, bacon, cheese and sour cream

kr 149,-

Contains: Milk

Serrano Salad

med asparagus, cherry tomatoes, parmesan and crutons

kr 169,-

Contains: Milk and Gluten

Pommes Frites


kr 55,-

contains no known allergenes


Main Courses


Bergtatt Burger

Delishious burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, chipotle dressing and onion rings

kr 255,-

contains: Milk, gluten, eggs, sulfite


with coleslaw, creamy maise and baked potatoe

kr 265,-

Contains: Milk and eggs

Fish n' Chips

served with a pea puree

kr 225,-

Contains: Fish, gluten, milk

Beef bits

The chef's special beaf strips of tenderloin with peppers and onions. Served with homemade béarnaise sauce and french fries bistro

kr 265,-

contains: Milk,  eggs, sulfite

Barbequed Chicken breast

Served with spaghetti, tomaoe sauce and parmesan

kr 259,-

Contains: Gluten, celery, milk



 Pizza Margarita

 NOK 195

 Contains: Gluten (wheat), milk

 Pizza with ham

 NOK 205

  Contains: Gluten (wheat), milk

 Pizza Pepperoni

 NOK 205

  Contains: Gluten (wheat), milk

 Pizza Barbeque chicken and grilled peppers

 NOK 215

  Contains: Gluten (wheat), milk

 Pizza Serrano, arugula, and parmesan

 NOK 220

  Contains: Gluten (wheat), milk

Pizza Vegetarian     
with tomatoe sauce, cheese, rocket salad, mushrooms and pickled red onions        NOK 205           

* We do have gluten-free pizzas 



Chocolate fondant with rasberry sorbet

 NOK 135

Contains: Milk, gluten (wheat), egg

French baked pancake "Clafoutis"  

Served with haselnut and vanilla ice cream

 NOK 125 

Contains: Haselnut, wheat, egg, gluten, milk

Creme Brulee 

3 scoops (vanilla, chocolate, and rasberry sorbet) 

   NOK 125

Contains: Milk, ,egg, 

Pekan Pai 

served with vanilla ice cream and crumble                                                 NOK 130            Contains: Egg, gluten, milk and nuts

Childrens menu

 Chicken nuggets with pommes frites

 NOK 115

Contains: Gluten (wheat)

Cheese and ham Toast 

 NOK 65

 Contains: Milk, gluten (wheat

 Burger with pommes frites

 NOK 120

 Contains: Milk, gluten (wheat)

Pommes Frites

NOK 55

 Contains: No known allergenes

Pasta Bolognese 

 NOK 129
 Contains: Sellery, egg, wheat


Reserved to changes in the menu after access to ingredients. Please inform about any allergies. We facilitate vegetarians.

Order by phone 326 99 200

Pick up at Bergtatt Bistro Myrovegen 15, 3570 Ål

Beispiel eines Hamburgers von Bergtatt Bistro Beispiel eines Hamburgers von Bergtatt Bistro

To offer the best possible food and at the same time limit food waste, we have a simple standard menu with dishes that we should have every day. In addition, the menu is varied when we purchase good, local ingredients in smaller quantities, to create tasty dishes, which we offer as long as we have the ingredients. When the dish is sold out, we buy new ingredients in season, so we can create even a new, exciting dish that will appare on the menu.

Please order by telephone: 326 99 200