About Topcamp

Topcamp is a camping chain where memories are created, activities and experiences are at the forefront, and there is room for quality time with your loved ones.

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Topcamp is Norway's leading and largest camping chain, with destinations ranging from Mandal in the south to the Helgeland coast in the north. Our focus is on creating great experiences for our guests, through quality, long-term thinking, and sustainability.

All our family-friendly campsites are carefully selected, with particularly good locations. Here, nature beckons right outside the door, and a sea of activities awaits just around the corner.

In addition to camping, year-round, you can enjoy the comfort of modern cabins and apartments, tailored to every taste and occasion.

Camping to new heights

Joyful, active, professional, and genuine are values that should permeate all of our operations. Topcamp is based on a vision of developing camping to a new and contemporary level. We are working towards taking the camping industry to new heights and towards a more digitalized future.

We are driven by creating unforgettable, happy experiences and good memories. Of course, for our guests, but also for everyone who works at Topcamp.

We take the environment seriously

Camping takes place in close contact with nature, so it's only natural that Topcamp plays along with it. We have high ambitions for sustainability and environmental friendliness. All of Topcamp's campsites are certified through Green Key.

Green Key-certified businesses meet strict environmental requirements in the following areas: environmental management, staff involvement, guest information, water, washing and cleaning, waste, energy, food, indoor climate, outdoor areas, social responsibility, environmental activities, administration and conference.

As a guest at Topcamp, you can be sure that we have gone to great lengths to ensure that your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. At the same time, we continuously work to minimize environmental impact.

Accelerating growth

Today we own ten campsites, spread throughout Norway. But that's not where it stops for us. We are constantly open to expansions with new, great campsites. Especially where we see that our concept can contribute to development and value creation.

The future is camping

Where Topcamp will show up next is too early to say. What we can say, however, is that Topcamp will come to more places where it is possible to develop arenas for quality camping and happy experiences.


Media and press are welcome to contact us at hei@topcamp.no