6 Adventures you must Experience in Hallingdal

A boy and a girl are cycling on the mountain in good weather. Photo

The mountain village of Ål in Hallingdal offers a plethora of activities and experiences.

1. Horse riding in the mountains

Join a horseback ride from Skarslia up to Bergsjø, a journey that takes about 2 hours. If you want to experience other parts of the mountain, there are opportunities for both half-day and full-day trips. This is a fantastic experience if you want to see Hallingdal and the mountains at their best while on horseback.

The tours are arranged by Hestur on Icelandic horses.

2. From the bike

Hallingdal is a cycling paradise! Mountain biking with Ål Adventure is an extreme experience. You will be provided with an electric bike. A guide will take you up the mountain to the most incredible view.

Of course, the ride back down is the most fun. You have to trust that the bike will take you down safely, but you ride at your own pace.

3. Get your adrenaline pumping

Are you the adventurous type? How about pushing your limits with rafting in Numedalslågen or trying the Via Ferrata course in Hemsedal?

Serious Fun rafting offers a thrilling experience in Numedalslågen, with different difficulty levels. Children can also join in on the fun. They offer family rafting, premium rafting for a more action-packed trip, and extreme rafting for the bravest.

Experienced guides from Hemsedal Fjellsport will take you on the Via Ferrata in Hemsedal. There are steep mountain sides and narrow mountain ledges, but you will be guided through the route safely and securely.

4. Fresh mountain air and beautiful nature

We recommend taking the sherpa stairs, which go up from Hol. There are 2000 steps to Hallingskarvet. Other nice hikes include Lauvdalsbrea and Iungsdalen, where you can walk to the tourist cabin Iungsdalshytta to buy sour cream porridge or Norwegian pancakes. On the west side of the village, you will find Dyna, which is also a nice hike. There are several shorter routes closer to the center, including Sundreberget and Nasakamben.

Tour maps are available at UT.no.

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5. Family day at Langedrag and Bjørneparken

The philosophy of Langedrag is: "Nature is our best teacher". As a visitor, you will experience this philosophy. They have taken care of several wild animals and the most primitive breeds of domestic animals. They have about 300 animals, distributed among 20 different species. You can, among other things, meet wolves, arctic foxes, lynx, elk, reindeer, fjord horse, mouflon sheep, and Telemark cattle.

At Bjørneparken, they have a large variety of Norwegian predators, wild and domestic animals. They also have Norway's largest crocodile exhibition, with 30 crocodiles, snakes, and other exotic animals.

Both parks are located about an hour's drive from Ål.

6. A holiday at Topcamp Hallingdal

At Topcamp Hallingdal, we have everything you need to keep the family active or to relax. We have a climbing park, indoor playground, adventure golf, spa, bistro, and much more.

Experiences at Topcamp Hallingdal.

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