Top 10 experiences from Grimstad

Small boat on the sea, with two fishermen at sunset. Photo

© Raet nasjonalpark | Jarle Kvam

Grimstad is located close to all the amazing opportunities that is available in the beautiful southern part of Norway.

1. Idyllic Grimstad city center

The city center of Grimstad has several great shops selling fashion, accessories, interior design, and more. Walk through the cozy cobblestone streets, alleys, and squares.

The traditional white houses in the pedestrian street line up one after the other. Sit down at a nice café and visit some of the local stores. The diversity of food and drink in Grimstad is vast, with a good selection of excellent restaurants.

You can also follow in the footsteps of Henrik Ibsen. Visit the place where he worked and wrote his first plays.

2. Hiking and coastal nature

The beautiful nature in and around Grimstad offers fantastic opportunities for cycling, hiking, boat trips, and more.

Don't miss out on Raet National Park, which consists of 607 square kilometers of coastal nature and sea with various marine habitat types, beaches, heaths, and rolling stones.

"Kongeveien" is perfect for those who want an idyllic bike ride, through deciduous forests, past small lakes, and over bridges. The trail is mostly closed to cars.

If you are interested in literature and culture, Hamsun's trail may be the option for you! Here you can follow in Hamsun's footsteps, as he wrote about in "On Overgrown Paths."

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© Raet nasjonalpark | Jarle Kvam

3. Sailboat trip with the schooner Solrik

Few things are as enjoyable as feeling the sea breeze from a sailboat. Grimstad's very own schooner, Solrik, takes you around the coast. The trips go, among other places, to the Raet National Park, or to visit various lighthouses.

Solrik can be rented by groups for pleasure trips, deep-sea fishing trips, birthday celebrations, long-distance trips along the coast, and more! They have a liquor license on board.

Visit for more information and booking.

4. Crab fishing

There are many good opportunities for fishing in Grimstad. Both the archipelago and inland lakes offer excellent fishing opportunities. You can, among other fish, catch sea trout, mackerel, cod, pike, pollock, and whiting.

If you don't want fish on your dinner table, crab fishing is a fun activity that children also enjoy.

5. Experience the archipelago from a kayak

If you want to truly float through the archipelago, you can rent a kayak. At BUA Grimstad, you can borrow all the equipment you need for a fantastic trip on the water.

© Raet nasjonalpark | Øystein Paulsen

6. Interactive fun at the Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum in Grimstad is the perfect family activity. The museum showcases a modern exhibition about the maritime history of Grimstad and Aust-Agder.

There are several interactive activities along the way, making this place perfect for children. There is a museum shop and a café in the building.

They have a dock with boat mooring and a bathing ladder right outside.

7. Get charmed on an alpaca walk

You can be sure that this is a winner for both children and adults. Mid-Tjore Farm offers a walk with the funny and cute animals. The walk lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Before the walk, you will get an introduction to the alpaca, and you get to meet the even more cuddly alpaca cubs.

In the summer, it may be wise to book your walk well in advance, as the tours fill up quickly.

Contact Mid-Tjore Farm for tickets.

8. Get smarter at the Science Center

In Arendal, 20 minutes from Grimstad, you'll find the Science Center Sørlandet. Here, the whole family can learn and play through experiments and activities.

The exhibition in Arendal has activities within the themes of maritime technology, energy, and your body and health. The family can compete, play, experiment and have fun together.

9. Family fun at the Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park

The Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, 25 minutes from Grimstad, is a big hit for the kids. Visit areas of several of the famous Norwegian fairy tales, and watch their shows as well.

There is a water park, a zoo, and lots of activities.

10. Norwegian Museum of Horticulture

The Norwegian Museum of Horticulture is located in Dømmesmoen park. The museum has three exhibitions that showcase the history of horticulture and is the only one of its kind in Norway. As you walk among the currant bushes, you can see who can repeat "Ibsen's currant bushes and other shrubs" the most times.

Among other things, you'll get an insight into the production of the famous wines from Fuhr. Another exhibition goes into depth on why bees are so important for our food. The last exhibition provides a look back at Grimstad's large canning industry.

The museum is rumored to have the best waffles in town, as well as a shop and a library.

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