5 Great Experiences in Ringerike

Explore the best that the Ringerike region has to offer, with activities and experiences for the whole family.

1. Art and architecture at Kistefos Museum

Kistefos Museum is a unique combination of industry, sculpture, and architecture. It is a must-see when you are in the area, especially "The Twist," which has gained worldwide recognition. In 2020, the museum received the "TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice" award, which is only given to the top ten percent of the world's best attractions on TripAdvisor. At the museum, you can enjoy playground equipment, a sculpture park, and a fountain where you can play in the water that shoots up.

2. Shopping and good food at Hadeland Glassverk

Hadeland Glassverk is a beautiful shopping center with several activities. You can try blowing glass, which is fun for both kids and adults, and there are ten shops and six eateries to explore. The center offers various activities throughout the year, but it is also a pleasant place to stroll around and window-shop.

3. Beautiful hikes with stunning views

There are many amazing hikes in the area, including the popular Mørkgonga hike. It can be challenging in some places, but the view from the top is worth the effort. Be careful where you park because parking in the area is limited.

Another popular hike is Kongens Utsikt, where you can see the entire region. You can start from Sundvolden Hotel, which takes two to three hours, or you can drive up to Kleivstua and hike from there. The hike from Kleivstua is very family-friendly and takes just under 30 minutes each way. Another shorter hike is Dronningens Utsikt, which is in the same area. The view is still good, but not as stunning.

If you prefer fewer steep inclines, Elvelangs in Hønefoss is a hidden gem. The hike starts from Benterud and goes to Hovsenga, covering approximately 7.5 kilometers. The trail passes by recreational areas such as Schjongslunden, Petersøya, and Hovsenga, where it is lovely to stop for a picnic. There are also several beaches and benches along the trail.

Hiking map at UT.no. 

4. The business park that has it all

A business park may not sound like an exciting place to visit, but Helgelandsmoen Business Park is different. Here you can find Ringeriksbadet, with several pools, a diving tower, and water slides. There is also Norway's toughest Boot Camp course right next door.

Thomas Klevjer operates his gallery in the neighboring building of the old mess hall. Galleri Klevjer showcases his own artwork, as well as that of well-known Norwegian artists such as Per Spook and Odd Nerdrum.

There are several second-hand shops and other activities in the business park. The area is also excellent for hiking, as Helgelandsmoen was a military camp from 1868 to 2001, and you can still see traces of military activity.

5. Randsfjorden Water Park

Just a half-hour drive from Topcamp Onsakervika is Randsfjorden Water Park, one of the largest water parks in Scandinavia. The use of the park is divided into sessions, so it is important to reserve a spot in advance.

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