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Cottage with car parked right outside, green lawn and trees around. Two other cabins in the background. Photo

Need to stay a little longer? We offer cabins and apartments in various locations, with multiple bedrooms, private bathrooms and kitchens, as well as free parking right outside the door.

Perfect for businesses with employees working from home, hired labor or other temporary housing needs.

Our destinations

Topcamp Bogstad

Comfortable living just outside of Oslo

Looking for short term apartment rentals in Oslo? Stay just outside of Oslo with the forest and Bogstadvannet as your closest neighbors. Wake up to birds singing and tranquility - and go for a jog around Bogstadvannet after work.

You can park your car for free right outside the cabin.

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Topcamp Sjøsanden

Stay right by the beach in Mandal

Need a place to stay in the Lindesnes region for a period? We have great cabins and apartments with multiple bedrooms, private bathrooms and private kitchen. You can park your car for free right outside.

With us, you live practically and comfortably, with the 800-meter-long sand beach Sjøsanden, and Furulunden forest as your closest neighbours.

Walking distance to Mandal town center and the old town, with shopping centers, local shops and several restaurants.

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Topcamp Mjøsa

Stay close to E6 in Brumunddal

Looking for short or long term rentals in the Hamar, Brumunddal and Lillehammer area? We have affordable cabins and apartments with private bathrooms and kitchens, and free parking right outside. Only 2 minutes from E6.

It's less than 5 minutes to drive to Brumunddal town center with shopping centers, restaurants and many other amenities. Hamar is about 10 minutes away.

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Topcamp Rustberg

Close to E6, Hafjell and Lillehammer

Here you can live nicely, with a lovely view of Gudbrandsdalslågen and free parking outside.

The cabins and apartments are nicely located and quiet, but not far from E6, which makes it easy and efficient to get where you need to go.

We have cabins and apartments in several price ranges, with multiple bedrooms, and private bathrooms and kitchens.

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Topcamp Bie

In Grimstad, centrally located in Southern Norway.

In our cabins and apartments in Grimstad, you reside in a tranquil environment with free parking right outside. We are located just outside the city center of Grimstad, with a short distance to most attractions in the region. There is also a grocery store right next door.

From Topcamp Bie, you are close to everything the Southern Norway has to offer. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, we can recommend, among other things, Raet National Park or a kayak trip in the archipelago.

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Topcamp Mosjøen

Stay centrally located right by E6

Need temporary housing or an apartment in the Mosjøen area? In our cabins or apartments, you can live quietly and rurally, with free parking right outside. Mosjøen town center is within walking distance, right by E6.

Pizzabakeren is located in the reception building and there is a large grocery store within a five-minute walk.

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Topcamp Havblikk

Stay by the sea in Nesna

Need to stay in Nesna or on the Helgeland coast for a while? We have affordable cabins and apartments with multiple bedrooms, private bathrooms and kitchens. You can park your car for free right outside and it's a short distance to the ferry port.

After work, there are great opportunities for jogging, walking or cycling pleasant tours in the area, fishing, or relaxing with a view of the sea and the spectacular mountains.

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Topcamp Hallingdal

Stay centrally in Hallingdal

Need temporary housing in Hallingdal? Our cabins in Ål are modern and pleasant, with private bathrooms and kitchens. You can park your car for free right outside.

Here you have mountains, forests and the Hallingdalselva right outside the windows, as well as a short distance to places like Geilo, Gol and Hemsedal.

A short distance to Ål town center, with shopping centers and stores, as well as swimming spots, fishing and great hiking areas.

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